Sunday, December 12, 2010

Barbie of the Week: Here's to New beginnings (Ruth)

Meet my sister Ruth. She started her lock journey about 4months  ago. The beginning phase can be the toughest but Ruth opted to go for the "young natty"(Jamaican term for a person especially a Rastafarian with locks in the beginning phase) look. This look worked well for her as can be seen in her photo above.

                                                  Three months after.

Here's how the hairstyle was done. First her hair was interlocked using the interlocking needle. Then, the sides were flat twisted. Two rows on either side. Finally Bantu knots or chiney bumps (Jamaican term for Bantu knots) were made.

She completed her look with a large pair of hoop earring and an over sized necklace.

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  1. That's my baby. Her new hair style enhances her beauty so much, thanks to the hair pro Synethia!


  2. LOVE THIS LOOK..The chiney bumps are too cute!

  3. Thank you King. Don't know about the pro part. I would say a pro in the making.

  4. Tamika, trying to find some hairstyles for short hair. So, I'm trying to dig in my memory box for styles that our parents did in our hair. Chiney Bump was the first to pop up.

  5. love the look Ruth

  6. Comment from Keith Mung Munn via facebook Nice blog...Keep up the great work....


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