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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just One of those bad hair days

I have been having not just a bad hair day but a bad hair week. I have been holding out on grooming my hair because I want to give it a detox before my vacation. Despite my hair woes the show must go on.
I was invited to a Christmas party with my students and their parents so, I needed a simple and presentable hairstyle. This hairstyle that I am rocking is one of my bad hair day look which is very easy to do.
First, I sectioned my hair in 2  and made the back portion a little larger than the front. Second,  I gathered the front portion with a hair tie. After which, I braided the back portion towards the front. When I was finished I took the front and back portion and put them in a ponytail. Finally, I made a bun and fastened it in place with a few hair pins.

Seeing that I was attending a Christmas party and my aim was to draw all the attention from my hair, I decided to put my attire together in a creative way by adding an unusual accessory as my attention grabber. I didn't want to add a flower or scarf or any hair accessory so I opted for a red tie and a pair of red knob.
I recommend that you buy hair accessories whether flowers, scarfs, hair clips or headbands. They can save your hairstyles on those under the weather days by jazzing them up. You can buy them at Forever 21, H & M or even make them from scarfs or scrap materials.

This is how I tied everything together. I wore a black and white stripped shirt from Express, green Zara sweater, vintage red coat, American Eagle Chinos, red and green Paul Smith necktie. Thank you for reading and remember please subscribe to follow me and leave your comments they are important.


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