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Monday, December 20, 2010

Kujichagulia: Self determination

Today I was playing around with various hairstyles but was not satisfied with what I was creating. I have been tired from traveling long distances for work therefore, I had no inspiration nor motivation to create a chic hairstyle. Also, I have the limitation of my hair being in plaits and can be quite difficult to style. I was determined to create a hairstyle that was pleasing to me and that you my readers would like.
But wait, you would not guess what gave me the inspiration for this hairstyle. As I told you guys before I'll be leaving soon for my Christmas vacation. I have been trying on clothes and shoes to see what I should take as well as playing around with hairstyles. Anyway, I stumbled on this African print skirt  which sparkled my interest in creating a hairstyle that depicted some aspect of the African culture.
I wore the skirt (Forever21) as a blouse because I think it is too short and looks better as a top.

What I did for this hairstyle was take a few of the plaits, twist them and lay them on the top of my head. I did this from the front to the back.
I then use a few pins to hold the hair in place.

After that I made a flower from a scarf, tied it to a hair tie and put it around my head like a headband.
 I also went ahead and added an African printed earring from Charlotte Russe, Old Navy mustard belt and Gap leggings to complete my look.
You may also wear this hairstyle with about anything.  It can be worn casually or you can dress it up. Whichever you choose have fun with it.

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  1. Comment from one of my facebook reader Tanya R-Grant Love it girl! Keep going from strength to strength!
    9 hours ago


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