Monday, December 13, 2010

Product Review: Oh No!!! Help!!!!!!

Recently, I have been getting inquiries to recommend a good all natural shampoo for locks. I would personally recommend the Dr Bonner's Magic Soaps liquid line. The one I use the most and my favorite is the Hemp Tea Tree. I like this shampoo because it provides moisture, sheen and softness to my hair. During the summer time when I shampoo my hair, I don't always use conditioner because it provides enough moisture for my hair.

Before buying a shampoo, I suggest that you read the ingredients to see what's in it. Try to avoid shampoo with petrolatum or petroleum-based ingredients, sodium Lauryl Sulfate and synthetic fragrances to name a few. When in doubt just do your research.

The ingredients found in the Hemp Tea Tree Shampoo are as follows;
water, saponified organic coconut & organic olive oils (w/ retained glycerin), organic hemp oil, organic Jojoba oil, tea tree extract, citric acid and vitamin E.
You must be wondering about some of the terminologies but let me try to explain as best as possible.

Saponification is the mixing of vegetable oils with sodium chloride to produce soap and glycerin. The process retains the glycerin to the highest levels, providing a great creamy lather and extra moisture.
Readers in the United States can buy this shampoo at GNC, Amazon, Vitaminshoppe or any hair store that sells organic shampoo. For my readers in Japan you can purchase this shampoo at Loft or Don Quixote. My dear readers outside the above mentioned regions, you may purchase your shampoo from any Amazon store.

I hope this helped. Thank you for reading and remember please comment and subscribe to this blog.


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