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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Solider Girl: The Christmas Edition

This weekend was quite hectic for me as Christmas draws near. I have been attending lots of parties, dinners and preparing for my trip. I want to feature a hairstyle I wore this weekend.

Things you will need
beret, ribbon, hair tie and hair pins
Black Beret
Red Ribbon
How to do the hairstyle
I start with my hair in plaits. Then I sweep my hair towards the back and take hair from the sides and overlap them until it gets midway my head.
You will use your hair tie to put everything in a ponytail. When you are finished, go ahead and braid your hair together. If you are unable to to braid your hair, use rubber bands to hold it together. Finally, roll you hair under and secure with the pins. I roll mine slightly towards the side to add an extra edge to the style.
Use your ribbon to make a flower and add it to your hair.

 After adding the flowers this is the hairstyle.
I wanted to make the hairstyle a little more chic so I opted to add a beret (H&M). This was what I got and I loved it. Adding the beret makes it look like I have a bang. I have been trying to achieve this look with my hair but have never gotten my bang to look full. Let me know your thoughts.

Below you will see the entire look. I used a belt to make a bow tie.
I must say recently I am becoming more interested in ties and unusual neck accessories. I also wore a pair of green clover earring from Lips to complete my Christmas look. I couldn't decide which of the solider looks I should post so, here they are you decide.
Happy Holiday to all my readers. Thank you for reading and please remember to leave your comments and subscribe to follow me.


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