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Monday, January 10, 2011

Boy Oh Boy!!!!!!!

This past weekend I showed my hair some love. It took me 2 days to wash, deep condition, hot oil, interlock and trim my locks. I have decided to wear my hair straight after so many years of wearing it crinkled. Change is good but lets see how long I'm gonna keep it.
I have to be experimenting with new hairstyles because my hair have less body now that it is straight. This hairstyle's inspiration came from the clothes that I was wearing at home.
First I started by doing 3 rows of flat twists on one side and hold them in place by hairpins. Next, I took three large portions from the front of my hair and hold each portion at the end with rubber bands.
Then I placed them to form a bang and use pins to hold them in place. I then took some hair and put over the ends and hold those in place with pins.  

 Vua la the hairstyle.
Tried to thug out the look by wearing some boxers from Aeropostale under my Old Navy sweat pants, Coach high tops, a large hoop and a tank top from Forever21.
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  1. u're so silly....lol. LOVE this hair style and the outfit is rocking too

  2. Thank you Lotabuti. I have to make the posts interesting as well as informative. Thanks for the love.

  3. There are many shampoos that are being advertised as Hair growth shampoo. Do these shampoos really help to promote faster growth or are they just a marketing gimmick


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