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Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Vintage

Happy Monday Barbies and Kens. Recently, it is so cold and I need to vary my hairstyle for the weather. I need to ensure that my head is warm and that my hair retain it moisture.
I wanted a hairstyle that would stand out and represent me. The hairstyle below is what I put together.
For this hairstyle you will need a scarf or head tie, hair tie and some pins. Start by making a hump (you can refer to my hump post or video on youTube). Then, braid the back of your hair and hold in place with your hair tie. Finally, add the scarf or head tie to your hair. Make sure the tie is at the top of your head.
 This was how I completed my vintage look. You can play with different clothes to get the look you want to match your hairstyle.
 Here I wore a H&M tube as a skirt to add a little color to my sweater from Charlotte Russe. Below I wore the Charlotte Russe sweater with a pleated skirt from Lacoste.
Thank you for reading. If you are in the sunshine enjoy it and if you are in the cold stay warm.


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