Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Art of Buns

Yesterday in my post I showed the 2 bun hairstyle from London Fashion Week. Now here is my version of the hairstyle. I did 2 variations of the hairstyle. I'll give you multiple views stay tuned.
Above is the first variation to the hairstyle.

The second variation to the hairstyle. What do you think? Seeing my variations, would you wear the hairstyle? 
I think this hairstyle can be quite cute if you have a fresh make up and an edgy attire. To complete my hairstyle I wore a pleated art skirt, teal cardigan from Mango, a pair of drop earrings from H&M and a mustard belt from Forever21. What do you think?
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  1. Comment via facebook;
    Taneka Fearless Whyte
    Keep up the positive vibrations Sista!!! Love the way ur very professional and classy. Appreciate the posts and notes.

    One love!!!

  2. Comment via facebook;
    Clare Lecia Bailey I liked the two bun concept (even though if wore incorrectly with wrong outfit can give off a premature look) but the fact that you kept the sophistication to the look made it even more delightful.

    about an hour ago

  3. Comments via faceboook;
    Deborah Everbless Russell Really like how u interpreted the bun concept n made it ur own :D
    13 minutes ago


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