Friday, February 25, 2011

Bad Hair day gone good

Later today I will show my hair some love because it needs grooming and look a mess. To turn my bad day around, I have decided to add some pieces of ribbons to my cornrows.
This hairstyle enhancement technique was proposed by my sister. She felt that my hairstyles would be more visible. Today however, I jazzed up my hairstyle with the ribbons instead.
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  1. The ribbons definitely add another dimension and help with the visual appeal of the hairstyle! I love the look. Next time add your signature multicolors and lets see where that takes it!

  2. Thank you Ruth. Thank you for the idea too. Next time I'll use different colors and see if I achieve the same effect.

  3. Comment via Facebook;
    Galya Dimitrova I love all of your posts!!! They r all positive and make me feel like taking care of myself!!! And love your sense of style and aspiration for beauty!!!It's inspiring!!! Keep this positive feeling always up!!!
    Thank you!!!
    21 hours ago


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