Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Barbie of the Week: Meet Michaela

1) Why locks?
Why knot?  I used to rock a fro in high school. I was teased, but I loved my hair it was big.  I used to cornrow my own hair while I was in college. I would try a different style every week. It was time consuming, but it looked nice. Then I cut it off really low. That was a mistake. My friend gave me a lining! Ladies beware of the lining!  After college, I still had natural hair, but going to job interviews proved to be interesting since I had a massive afro.  The braids weren't considered professional.  I wore a fro to work, but since I am allergic to doing my hair it quickly got out of control.  When I started locking I realized how easy it was. 
2) How long did you wear your hair before going natural?
I have been natural since high school. I actually only had two perms in my life. After the last one I told my mom, never again. I won't tell you the year, because that may give away my age.

3) How did you wear your hair before going natural? 
My mother did my hair. Usually, I had it pressed, except for the two perms and a 
small stint in fourth grade with a leisure curl! That's right, zap the cap!

4) What's your favorite hair products? Why?
I don't have one. I use olive oil when my hair is really dry. Other than that, I don't do anything to it until I have to wash it.

5) What or who inspired you to lock?
I like to live a low maintenance life.  After walking around with a fro for about 8 years, I was tired of washing my hair so often, picking it and braiding it every night. I let it go wild until my mother told me to take care of it.  I had it cut into a low cut fade. Very easy or so I thought. I had to go to the barber shop every two weeks. So I quit that. I don't want to go anywhere every two weeks. The other thing with barbers is finding someone who won't cut you like a man. I finally found one I liked and he closed his shop.  

6) What do you like most about locks?
Low maintenance. 

7) What hair items/products you can't live without?
Shampoo and conditioner. I do like tea tree oil. I love how it makes my hair feel. 

8) What advice would you give to women contemplating growing locks?
Do it and enjoy the funky stage in the middle when they are too short and not quite long enough. It doesn't have to be for some deep metaphysical reason. It's just hair.
9) Anything else?
When you look at your hair in the mirror think about little Willow Smith's song! I love whipping my hair!
10) How can you be contacted? (blogs, twitter, websites, facebook etc):
twitter: camproadless

Thank you for reading. If you have locks or natural hair, and would like to be featured as a Barbie or Ken, please email me at synethiae@gmail.com for more information.
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  1. Comment from a facebook reader:

    Caryl Pierre Really cool interview. I love your locks though I don't think locks are for me. I go for the super low maintenance as well. I just wash and go. I've been trying this new thing of no-shampooing. I just condition and even to 'wash' my hair, I just use conditioner and massage my scalp. I guess I'm not the usual black girl though in that I was my hair almost every day or every other day. It just makes it super easy to manage because I can wash and go. And my hair seems healthy enough.
    Yesterday at 12:04pm

  2. My big sister is a star!! I love the inteview. Great Job MIC!!!!


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