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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bow and patterns

Today, I was going to the doctor and wanted a hairstyle that would make me look cheerful. I decided that I would wear my pink belt with the large bow as a headband.
I wanted an updo because I knew I would be wearing a scarf and wanted my hair lint free. I opted for the following hairstyle.
I started by making a part at one side of my hair. Then placed the headband on my head. After that, I took a portion from the front and made a bang. I then took hair from the opposite side folded them over and held in place with hair pins.

I did this all the way around. This hairstyle was quite easy and quick.
I removed the bow and added a flower to the headband. I was a little indecisive as to whether I should keep the bow or wear the flower.
In the end I decided to wear the bow. I completed my hairstyle by wearing a long cardigan from Mango, H&M scarf worn as a belt, a pair of orange tights from the Gap and a pair of multicolored earrings from Forever21.
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