Friday, February 11, 2011

It's a wrap

I like head wraps because they are classy and timeless and since the weather is so cold and dry I am liking them even more. I always try to find creative and stylish ways to wear such accessories. Today, I have decided to wear a cotton scarf to accentuate my outfit.
It took less than 2 minutes to create this chic look. This trend will be popular for the spring. I can't wait to mix and match my prints developing timeless looks.
Please checkout the how to video at the bottom of this post or you can check my youTube channel pecadora99.

These are some stylish ways people wore their head wraps. How do you wear your head wrap and turbans? Remember, you can put your personality into it and create a cutesy masterpiece.
I completed the look by wearing a yellow sweater from the Gap, teal tights from the Gap, OIOI yellow and brown scarf, Zara zipper belt to which I added a flower H&M), and a pair of smiley face earrings from Lips.

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  1. Comment via facebook:
    Teleba Campbell love it love it
    3 hours ago

  2. Comment via youTube;
    Proper rastafarian head tying, love it!
    tandawmc 2 days ago


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