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Friday, February 4, 2011

Negativity towards natural Hair

Recently, I have been asked to cut my hair and wear a wig for a particular role in a commercial because my hair did not suit/fit the role that I was selected for. If you know me, I am very passionate about my hair. It was as if  they were saying to me "Synethia, kill yourself".  My hair is a journey between me and my past hairstyles and I have come to the decision that I am secure enough to accept myself and my nappy hair. Lets face it that's the hair we were born with and it sets us apart as black men and women. To take this step, it takes guts and self love. Do you have what it takes?

How do to deal with negativity towards natural hair
1) Be strong and confident:

First and foremost, I think that when a women make the step to go natural or keep their hair natural, they are very strong and there is nothing anyone can say to shatter their confidence. If we can make society wrap us around their peverbial fingers in thinking that our hair in it's natural state is not good enough and we rise above that, then tell me isn't that a strong and confident black woman?

2) Ignore them:
Most times this is the best thing for us to do but I think that if we continue doing it the problem will always arise. I think that we can turn the negative comments into positive ones that can make the person examine themselves.

3) Shoot them:
 Sometimes we wish we could shoot some information into the thing they wear under their helmet call the brain. Oh we wish.

4) Laugh hysterically:

 We need to thank them for the humor at times because its a pity they don't know that they save themselves from a curse out that would end up not so lovely.

5) Educate them:
This is the most important thing that we can do. If people don't know, we should guide them in the right direction; discussions, websites, blogs, books etc. This leads me to the Method Man video.
In a recent interview with Method Man he was asked "Do you like women with natural hair?"

Method Man responded: “No. I don’t like peasy afros, sorry. I don’t like dreads either. I like a woman to get her hair did.

I don't get mad at people like Method Man. I just look at them in their darkness and feel pity for them. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and preferences but this is share ignorance right here. He needs to educate himself about his own race and embrace his culture.
I will end my rant and leave the blog open for your comments and discussions.

Happy Friday Barbies and Kens. Remember to leave your comments on the blog and subscribe to follow me. Until next time be confident running wild in fashion, beauty, health, hair and style.

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  1. Comment via facebook:
    Tanya R-Grant Love this Syn! No matter what they say I am rocking my natural hair!


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