Silk floral scarf and a clover

Winter winter go away come back never. Today was very cold and so I needed to protect my hair. Seeing that I am not able to cover my entire hair for work, I had to create a hairstyle that's protective and also cute. I opted to use my silk scarf as the focus of the hairstyle.
There are lots of style that I incorporated into this one hairstyle. I had a bang, a hump, twists and rolls.

After I did all that, I added my scarf to my hairstyle.

I completed my hairstyle by wearing a green cargo pants from Hollister, Forever21 orange tank and Mango sweater (not photographed), vintage multicolored beads and a pair of green clover earring from Lips.
How do you wear your hair during winter? Do you protect your hair? If yes, what do you do? If no, why not?
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    Keneisha Sappleton syne i want hair like urs
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