Going to the Chapel and ..................

Oh no I am not getting married at least not yet. One of my reader is getting married and asked me to create a hairstyle for her. I created an updo which consists of a bang, a bun, and twirls.
I'll give you multiple views of the hairstyle. I'll try to put a video out as soon as possible so keep an eye out on my youTube channel.

What do you think of the hairstyle? If you were getting married, would you wear the hairstyle?
Happy Monday. Thank you for reading. Please leave you comments on the blog and subscribe to follow me.


  1. Comment via facebook;
    Ms. Ennis, I enjoy your jungle barbie blog very much! You possess a great sense of style and fashion with your own unique swag. Thanks for sharing it with the world. A which skool yu did go?lol
    5 hours ago


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