Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Protective hairstyle

Winter is my least favorite season for many reasons. Recently, I have to be protecting my skin and hair from getting too dry. Today, I created this hair style to protect my hair from the harsh weather. With this hairstyle, I can wear my berets and add other hair accessories to make my hair look fabulous.
The air is very dry and tend to suck the moisture from my hair as well. To keep the moisture in, I braided my hair to the back and made a bang at the front to add a little spark.
What do you do to protect your hair in the winter?
I also added a headband that I made from old tees and felt. Don't worry divas, soon I will be having a tutorial on how to make these gorgeous hair accessories.

I completed my hairstyle by wearing a tube made from an old tee, Harlem pants and a pair of yellow disc earring.
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  1. What do you do to protect your hair in the winter?

  2. Or what do you do to protect your hair from loosing moisture?


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