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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bloody root!!!! hair and health

Beetroot, table beet, garden beet, red beet or  simply beet, is scientifically known as Beta vulgaris and is seen mostly in North America and Britain. The root can be used in salads or cooked vegetables, for health purposes, as a (hair) dye, as a drink and other ancient medicinal purposes.

The benefits of beet for your hair
Beetroot contains carbohydrates, a little protein and fat and contains sodium, potassium, phosphorus. calcium, sulphur. chlorine, iodine, iron, copper, vitamin A, B1, B2, C. See my On the menu for healthy hair balanced diet post for the benefits of the above vitamin. Beet enable your circulation and therefore is great for hair growth. If you are plagued by dandruff, you can use beet to keep it in control. Beet when mixed with a little vinegar can be used to cleanse the dandruff from you scalp. Beetroot and ginger mix when massage to your scalp helps to prevent hair loss and dandruff.

Beet juice is a natural way to add some color to your hair. How?

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    Pour the mixture over your hair. Do this outside over a gras

  • Health Benefit of Beet
    There are many health benefits to both eating beetroot and drinking beet juice. Drink it regularly and your whole body will benefit from beet and it's nutritional values. For example, did you know that drinking a glass of beetroot juice a day, can boost your energy levels and increase your stamina? Why? Because the levels of nitrates in the beet help to reduce the necessary oxygen uptake by the body, thus reducing fatigue and increasing stamina levels.

    Beet is also beneficial in the prevention of many forms of cancer, especially colon cancer because of the phytochemicals, which help to remove any carcinogens from the body. Read more about the health benefits of root.

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    1. The health benefits of beet include skin care,dandruff etc.Health benefits of beet roots can be attributed to their richness in nutrients,vitamins and minerals.Beets are also rich in dietary fiber,vitamin C,magnesium,iron, copper and phosphorus.

    2. That is true Best Hair Extension Salons. I usually use it to make juice and put it in my salads. I am going to try dying my hair with it soon.


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