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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do Wrap

Thanks fellow Barbie readers for your concerns and emails. I have been traveling and arrived in Jamaica safe and sound. On Saturday, I went with my mother to Jus Natural Hair Studio in Jamaica and got my hair done. I treated, palm rolled and did a Do Wrap.

Duwrap is done by taking about 5 or more of your locks and use one to wrap around the rest of the locs. It is best to do this while your hair is wet. The end result will be very nice spiral curls. I will be making a youTube video showing how to do the Duwrap.  Stay tuned to my youTube channel.
Saturday, I wore my hair with two ponytails at the front. On Sunday, I went to church and decided to do a simple hairstyle as my father was rushing as always.

I added a flower (H&M) to my hair to add some extra flair. I completed my Duwrap hairstyle by wearing a Gap striped shift dress, Forever21 flower earring, Forever21 yellow belt(not shown in the picture) and BCBG gold wedges (not shown in the picture).

Congratulations to Brandiss, the winner of the Burt's Bee Shampoo and Conditioner set. Thank you for reading Jungle Barbie. Please remember to leave your comments on the blog and subscribe to follow Jungle Barbie.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I hope you check my too. I went through very single page of yours. Loved it!


  2. Thank you diedre. I am happy that you enjoy what you say on Jungle Barbie. I will certainly check yours out.

  3. I like this new look. You changed your whole look!


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