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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shaka Zulu Pikinnies

Makeup  by Dilya
On Saturday, we in Tokyo concluded our month long Black History Month celebrations with a fashion show. This event brought together people of varying diaspora who wanted to learn about Black History. Even though we are a minority in Japan our presence was well felt.
Thanks to Monique Dehaney of M&U entertainment this year was bigger with lots of variety.
There were a culmination of different hairstyles (head wraps, curls, bangs, Afros and low cuts to name a few), accessories and clothes.
Head Wraps

Low cut
Among the designers were moi (Jungle Barbie) from Jamaica,
Necklace, bag and headband by Jungle Barbie
Necklace by Jungle Barbie
Bag by Jungle Barbie
Cooyah  from Jamaica,
T-shirts and Headband by Cooyah
T-shirt by Cooyah
T-shirt by Cooyah
Nkrumah Jennings (Anu Rock Metal Jewelry) from Trinidad and Tobago,
Belt, earring, cuff by Anu
Earring and cuff by Anu
Robert Anthony Young (The Cloth) from Trinidad and Tobago,

Kono Aphrophile Brand from Japan

To view the remaining pictures you can go to M&U's website. Hope you had a great Black History Month.
I will leave you with Tarrs Riley's Shaka Zulu Pickney.
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  1. Comment via facebook;
    Pernais Ism Favourite Jungle Barbie post ever! The pics look great on your blog!
    3 minutes ago

  2. Looks like you all had a nice time. Nice pics

  3. Thank you Brandiss. I sure did have a fabulous time.

  4. You all did a great job! I enjoyed watching your fashion on the 'barwalk'! Keep up the good work Jungle Barbie!

  5. Thank you Michaela. "Barwalk" LOL good one.


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