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Friday, March 4, 2011

Transitioning, hairstyles Please !!!!!!!!!

Transition Hairstyles
What hairstyles to rock may be the biggest challenge of all about going natural (besides the comments from your friend and co-workers).  How do you style your hair when it's very short or when some of it is nappy and the rest is straight.  There are several options.  
Here are a few:

1) Big chop and rock a Tweeny Weeny Afro
2) Two strand or comb twist
Comb twist is quite simple yet effective.  If you decide to cut your hair, you can just use some styling gel (like Organic simulator Lock and twist Gel) and part your hair into sections.  Either twist on a comb or take two strands and twist them around each other.  Your hair can be worn like this for several days before having to re-style.
CAUTION:  Hair that is left twisted for too long can begin to lock.  So, unless you want locks, take it down every once in a while.

3) Braids or sisterlocks
SisterLocks can be started with as little as 1-1/2" of new growth at the scalp.

4) Straw Set
This is a great style if you want to keep your permed hair/ends.  The tight curls make the different textures (your roots and ends) less noticeable. 

5) Crinkle Set or twist out
By braiding or twisting your hair using a setting gel, you can create a wavy/crinkly look that minimizes the different textures of your hair.  This is a very simple and cute style.  You can wear  your hair in twists or braids for a while, then remove them and wear the "twist out" look as shown in the photo above.

6) Flat Twists or Cornrow

Flat twists are basically the same as cornrows.  The difference is you use two strands of hair instead of three.

How to do flat twist
Things you will need:
Lock and twist gel, bobby pins and a comb.
  1. Shampoo and condition your hair and towel dry.
  2.  Part your hair using a rat tail comb to make the parts clean and straight.
  3.  Put styling gel onto hair for greater hold.
  4.  Separate the section into 2 strands at the hairline.
  5. Wind one strand over the other, picking up hair as you move down the section.
  6. Secure the twist with a bobby pin placed parallel and underneath the twist.
  7. You can either twist right to the back of your head or leave hair out at the ends and roller set or straw set.
 How To Do the Twist Out Look
Things you will need:
Setting lotion and Hair Oil (natural hair oils are best)

  1. Wet hair
  2. Add oil
  3. Braid hair or twist it using the setting lotion
  4. You can wear the braids or twists for a day (or two or three)
  5. Remove the braids and leave the hair crinkly for a few days
  6. Wear a silk cap/scarf at night or rebraid to maintain the style 
How to do Straw set
Things you will need:
A pack of plastic drinking straws. For slightly larger and looser curls, use small perm rods.
Ends paper, bobby pins, setting lotion or gel, light hair oil.

1) Shampoo and condition your hair and towel dry.
2) Part you hair into 1/4 to 1/2 inch sections
3) Place end papers on to ends of your hair.
4) Roll your hair onto the straws or perm rods and secure it  with a bobby pin.
5) Repeat steps 2-4 until you have finished your  entire head.
6) Dry your hair under a hooded dryer.
7) Gently remove the straws and separate the curls.
8) Spray with a light oil and continue to spray with oil on a daily basis.

Hope these styles helped you somewhat in your transition phase. Please remember to leave your comments on the blog and subscribe to follow Jungle Barbie.
Happy Friday Barbies and Ken and have a great weekend.


  1. Love this post, so cute!!!

  2. Thank you ChiccaStyle. I will checkout your blog. Thanks for stopping by.


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