Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GiRlS rUn ThE wOrLd

Happy Tuesday Barbies and Kens. I hope the week has been going great for you. Today's hairstyle, is an inspiration from Beyonce's  video Run the World (Girls). From the moment I watched the video, I fell in love with the hairstyle and said I would try it.
While getting dressed to the ENT today, I was indecisive about the hairstyle that I was going to wear but I remembered about this style. It is quick, easy and wearable in spring. My hair is in spirals. I took down my Do Wraps on the weekend so I have these spirals for about 4 days now. The hairstyle was easy for me to do because the curls just coiled and was very easy to form the bun and messy pompadour.
Here is my attempt. What do you think? Would you wear this hairstyle? 
I completed my hairstyle by wearing a few spring colors on my eyelids, Gap navy and white brush stroke top, American Eagle navy blue jeggings, brown H&M oxfords, Forever21 crescent shaped earrings, clock necklace from Forever21 and a yellow coat from Uniqlo.
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