Thursday, May 12, 2011

How to protect your hair during the summer

Summer will be here sooner than we think. Time for the bikinis, batty riders (daisy dukes), tanks, dresses, broad rimmed hats, hanging out at the beach and pool etc.

Just as how we protect our skin and eyes from the sun during summer, we need to protect our hair. During the summer we have so many things to guard our hair from. Some of these things include dust, humidity, UV damage from the sun, dandruff, frizziness and dry scalp. All these things calls for our summer protective measures.

To prevent dust accumulation, try to wear a scarf around your hair. Wash hair regularly too and this will also to get rid of the dust. There area a few things that can be done to prevent dry scalp and dandruff. You many refer to my dry scalp and dandruff posts.    Another thing we will have to battle is frizzy and dry hair due to the Sun rays pelting down on it. To combat these forces we may take the following things into consideration;

1) Moisturize
The heat from the sun causes our sebaceous glands on our scalp to produce more oil and sweat during the summer hence we wash our hair more often. Try to use a shampoo that's moisturizing. Also use a leavein conditioner with natural ingredients after washing as it will prevent the clogging of the pores on your scalp. Try to avoid hair sprays especially those that contains alcohol. Do a deep conditioning treatment more often than you normally would and apply oils to your ends to prevent split ends and breakage.       

2) Reduce the use of heat
Instead of using a blow dryer/hood dryer to dry your hair, cornrow or plait your hair and leave it to dry naturally. If you do decide to flat iron or blow dry/hood dry use low heat and add extra heat protective ingredients to your hair.                         

3) Wear protective hairstyles
If you sweat a lot, try wearing plaits, cornrow or twists. If you are going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time, wear a hat or a scarf to protect your hair. You may use an umbrella to shield your hair from the rays of the sun. Create fun and regal protective hairstyles. Braids, cornrow, twists, straw sets, twist outs, rod set, roller set.                             

4) Protect your hair while at the beach and pool      
Chlorine and salt water may be damaging on your hair. Chlorine can lead to breakage and split ends. To protect your hair from chlorine use a leavein conditioner before hopping into the pool. After swimming in the pool or the beach remember to wash your hair.

What products do use to keep your hair protected from the sun?  How do you protect your hair during the summer?

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