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Monday, May 30, 2011

Messy Plaits lawd have MErci

Happy Monday Barbies and Kens. Hope you had a very restful weekend. I didn't because I had a training session on Sunday for my job. Anyway, I am so excited to announce that this week I will be doing another hair series. This time it will be summer hairstyles and possible ways to transition them from a day at the beach/pool to a night out on the town.
 2 Messy Ponytails  with two long plaits is a great style for both on and off the beach. There are many ways to enhance  this hairstyle. You may wear a flower, a headband, a scarf or even a hat.Today, ill be showing you the hairstyle as is and with 3 variations;  a flower, bows at the ends and a headband.
Messy Plaits
Plaits enhanced by a Flower
Back to Basics
Taking it back to Basics
Plaits with a headband
Plaits with a headband
 Messy and unkempt makes the hairstyle versatile for the beach and carry on through to a night out on the town. There are varying ways you may complete your hairstyle. I completed my hairstyle by wearing a bikini set from Victoria's Secret and a pants from Old Navy.
 There are endless ways to wear this hairstyle. How would you hook up this hairstyle? What would you wear to compliment this hairstyle?

On a side note, I wanted to share with you my nail design that I did this past weekend as part of my summer series. Next week, I will have a new design to show you all so stay tuned.
Pink and Black patterned nails
Thank you to all my new subscribers and friends. To my subscribers and friends that have been following me religiously from the beginning, a big thank you. To show my appreciation, I will be having a give-a-way as soon as I get to 50 friends.  Now, I am at 44 friends so 6 more to go before the give-a-way.

Thank you so much for reading. Until tomorrow stay fab and be creative.

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