Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What yuh eating? Coconut Salmon and Bammy

Happy Happy, that's me. I was so elated when I went to Costco and was able to buy salmon. Since the earthquake here in Japan, I am skeptical about buying fish due to the radiation mess. Also, I have to go to Costco at 10am when they open because the Japs usually clean out the warehouse.
Besides fish, I usually eat lots of veggies. Today's menu consists of Coconut salmon, steam veggies (broccoli, zucchini and carrots), corn,  bammy (Jamaican popular food) and potato salad (potatoes, fresh grapes, fresh apples, beans and potatoes).
What am I drinking with my meal? Here I have Grace Jamaican Fruit punch. Soon, I'll be making a post on how to make homemade fruit punch from scratch without sugar and water.

This meal is very healthy and nourishes not only your body but your hair and skin. To find out the benefits of the ingredients, you may refer to my post on healthy eating = healthy hair.

What's on your plate? Would you say it's healthy?

Remember, "To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently/healthy is an art." (La Rochefoucauld) 
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