Crinkles and a Silk Scarf

Welcome to all my readers both my old  and new. As I mentioned yesterday, this week I'll be running a week long series on how to utilize your scarves beyond the winter months. Adding a scarf to your hair especially if you have curls can create a new dimension and look to your hairstyle. Today,  I'll be doing just that with my crinkles. I'm sporting a 4 day crinkle out. I had in protective two strand twists for about a week. I've decided to do this hairstyle because I hate having my hair  in my face when it's hot. I wanted an edgy yet simple hairstyle so, I opted to wear a scarf to accentuate my crinkles.
 All I did was to put the scarf around my head with the ends to the front, tied it in a bow and allowed my hair to flow. I used a long scarf that will give me a fluffy bow. To view instructions on how to do the hairstyle, check out my YouTube video below.

You may vary this hairstyle as I often do by leaving the ends of the scarf out instead of making the bow. For this you will need a shorter scarf. Creativity and wearing your style with confidence is a must in hairstyling so whatever hairstyle you create, wear it with confidence. With that said, thank you reading and until next time stay fab and be creative.
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