Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lEGGo Ma BrAnDy

Do you want thick, shiny gorgeous hair without spending a fortune? Check out your fridge and liquor cabinet. I remember my mom using this in my hair as a child both in my natural and processed hair. I remember using this remedy more often when I had processed hair though. This prevented my hair from falling out as well as adding extra body  and promoting growth.

Okay enough of the suspense. Today's hair remedy will be a mixture of brandy and egg. You must be thinking I am crazy or I love alcohol. I am happy to use these things in my hair especially eggs as I don't eat them in my daily diet and alcohol as I don't drink it very often. Why brandy and eggs?
Brandy stimulates hair follicles naturally and is important for hair growth. Brandy also, nourishes hair bringing much needed nutrients to it. The eggs are rich in protein and leaves hair soft and silky.

The brandy and egg mixture also promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Egg and Brandy Hair Remedy

Thing you will need
1 egg and a cup of brandy (you may alter the mixture depending on the length and need of your hair)

Add egg to the brandy and mix well.
Apply the mixture to your scalp and massage into your hair.
Apply a treatment cap to your hair.
Leave in for about an hour and rinse with your shampoo and condition if necessary. (To speed up this process, you may sit under a dryer and it would take half that time)

Disclaimer: This homemade remedy is suitable for all hair types. Please alter to your hair needs.

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