Thursday, June 2, 2011

SuMmEr SiDe-SwEep SwAg

Welcome to day four of my week long summer hairstyling series. How have you been enjoying the hairstyles so far? Would you wear any of the hairstyles?
Today's hairstyle is a little similar to the one I did on Monday with the exception of the number of plaits. This style boasts a single messy side-sweep plait. Messy side braids are the new look that is quite popular for the summer. Side braids is a retro hairstyle yet it have a very modern, fresh and chic look.
This hairstyle is very similar to the post on Monday, hence the ways to wear is quite similar. There can be a few variations to this hairstyle. You may fold the plait upwards and put at bow to give a very regal style. If your hair is long, then you may wrap your hair around the portion where the plaits starts. This will create a bun effect. How would you make this style you own?
This hairstyle falls into the very versatile category. It maybe transformed for whatever occasion depending on what you wear. Today, I am going to show you two variations just by changing the kind of shoes and I wear and take. Contrary to popular belief I think that flat shoes can be worn with evening outfits. I don't have anything against heel I do wear them often but I think we tend to overlook the endless way we can wear our flat shoes with our outfits.
To complete my hairstyle, I wore a linen shirt from Banana Republic, oversized bag from H&M, stacked bangles from Aeropostale and H&M, wedges from Steve Madden, Forever 21 multicolored beaded necklace, Gap jelly beans, LV clutch and two flowers from H&M.
The most important thing is wear your hairstyles with confident and put your personal style to it. If you do that you will always be a diva without trying. Also, try to vary the things you wear. Sometimes it's difficult but stepping outside your comfort zone leads to new discoveries. Never say I would not wear that hairstyle or an item of clothing. Instead, try it and find way to turn them into your personal style.
Tomorrow will be the last in this weeks summer hairstyle series. I hope they have been helpful thus far. Also, I hope I inspired someone in developing their personal style or create and wear their hairstyles with more confidence.

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Until tomorrow stay fab and be creative.

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