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Monday, June 6, 2011

Secrets on how to care your Locs

Happy Monday Barbies and Kens. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a little busy but relaxing one. Before I go into today's post, I just want to show you my nail design for this week. I have been playing around a lot with different nail designs and have been having fun. Here goes this week nail design. What do you think? Do you like 'em?
For today's post I will be answering two questions that I get asked a lot. I hope the answers will help to clear up some of the doubts, misconceptions or lack of knowledge.

1) How often should I wash my locs/hair?
The answers I give you is by no means a rule so please feel free to do whatever you want based on your hair needs. This is just based on my experiences.

Baby stage

I would say wash your hair every month. You may be saying "that's gross" "nasty" etc etc. Don't worry I will tell you what to do in between washes to prevent itching, smelling and build up.

Medium Stage
 During the medium stage, you may wash your hair a little more frequent because your hair will not unravel very easily. Depending on your hair type, you may have to stick to washing you hair less frequent until your locks start forming properly.

Mature Stage

At this stage you have fully formed locks and I think you have the freedom of washing it when ever you please.

I think I fall into this category and most if not all the time I try to aim for the one month mark before I wash my hair. I have really soft hair and so it take a little longer for my new growth to lock. What I do sometime is just shampoo my hair and don't use a conditioner. I use the Dr Bonners Tea Tree/Burt's Bee/Shea Moisture/Avalon Shampoo. These are all natural shampoos and most leave my hair very soft.
The products you use in your hair can also slow down or speed up your locking process. One product you want to avoid putting on your locks is wax. This will leave your hair messy and with tons of build up. Try not to over condition your hair. The softer your hair the easier it is to unravel and the harder to lock. Too many products in your hair is a magnet for dirt. Less is best.

2) What should I use in between washes?
I know this work for sure because I have used it and gotten results. Mix apple cider vinegar, few drops of rosemary  and tea tree oil in a spray bottle. You  can use this on your hair and scalp every week. Depending on your hair condition you may need to use it twice a week. The apple cider vinegar will strip your hair of all the dirt, build up and cleanse your hair. The tea tree and rosemary oils are antiseptics and they clean your scalp and prevent itching, dandruff and any other hair and or scalp condition as well as promote hair growth. The oils will overpower the vinegar stench so no need to worry about walking around smelling like apple cider vinegar.

After washing, twist new growth and palm roll the ends to keep the locs neat. Try not to over twist your hair because this also hampers the locking process and well as break your hair. In the baby stage you will need to train your locs so, you may need to twist a little more often than those in the medium and mature stage.

NB: This treatment maybe used in natural hair to improve sheen, prevent and eliminate dry scalp and dandruff while promoting growth. All you need to do is to spray the mixture on your hair and style as usual. No need to rinse this out.

Hope this helped. If you still have any questions, concerns and or queries, please leave them in the comment box below or email me synethiae@gmail.com.

Thank you  for reading. Until next time .......
Stay fab and be creative.


  1. Hi, love your locs. They are very nice. I wanted to ask a question about the apple cider mix. You mention that it shouldn´t be rinsed out, because "The apple cider vinegar will strip your hair of all the dirt, build up and cleanse your hair" For me this means that whatever stuff it´s supposed to clean just remains in the locs/scalp?
    How doesn that keep the locs and scalp clean when nothing is rinsed out after?

  2. Thank you for your question. If you are doing the ACV rinse during your hair washing routine, then you should wash it out of your hair. If you yes it in between washes then you don't need to wash it out.


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