Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Quickie: Bow and Mesh Style

This weekend was a little chilly and I was in heaven feasting on the cool breeze. Oh I wish the summer weather could be less hot and humid. Not gonna happen so I must be prepared to deal with it.
This weekend, I was busy running errands with little time for hairstyling. I needed a hairstyle that was easy as well as cute.

This side sweep hairstyle is one of my favourite but usually takes a lot of time because I have to hold my hair in place with countless numbers of pins. This week, with the limited time I had I was able to do this hairstyle in about 1 minute. All I did was add a scarf and sweep my hair to the side. After returning home, the style did not hold up so, I was at the drawing board yet again. I opted for the same hairstyle but with a different technique.
What I did was take some hair from the front and back of my head and made a tie at the top if my head. This time it was very secure. I went ahead a spruce up the hairstyle by adding a red bow with a long mesh.
I was happy with the result and off to grocery shopping I went. This hairstyle took about 2 minutes to do. Please feel free to try it and send me pictures or leave a comment telling me how the style worked for you.

On a side note, here is this week's nail design.  Let me know if you are digging it. I love colors so, I opted for neon colors this week.

Thank you for reading. Until tomorrow; stay fab and be creative.

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