Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Banging Plaits: A hairstyle for short to medium length Locs

 It's the middle of the week and I am super exciting because in a couple of days it will be the weekend. Here in Japan we have a 3 day weekend with tons of events going on. What will I be doing? I haven't decided yet. Anyhow, when that time comes I will decide.
 Plaits to create a bang? Is that possible? Well yes they are. This weekend I did some hairstyling and this was one of the hairstyle that I created.  To create this hairstyle, I used a few hairstyling techniques. First, I started by interlocking and trimming clean locs. Second, I sectioned a portion that I used to create the bang. Then, I made 5 flat twists from the back of the hair to about the middle of Cherrianne's head. After, I applied some mousse and plait the hair that remained. Finally, I swept the plaits forward and held a few in place with hair pins.
The hairstyle will have crinkles at the front falling in her face when she takes down her plaits. Hopefully I can get a picture when she takes them down to show you all.
Hope you liked this hairstyle. What do you think?

PS: This hairstyle is for short to medium length hair.

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Stay fab and be creative. We will link tomorrow.


  1. this is my go to style when I can't think of anything else. LOVE IT!!!


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