Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bow and Butterfly

Hey guys, it almost Friday. Today's hairstyle is an updo where I use my hair to make a bow. This hairstyle was inspired by Paris Hilton.

Saw the picture a while back and thought I would recreate it using my locks. Here again showing the versatility of locks.
I choose to wear this hairstyle to work today because I'll be a guest teacher at a kindergarten. The kids will be intimidated by me because I look different and so I wanted something that could lure them in deflecting from me being an outsider. I used my hair to create a bow but when I tried to photograph the style the effect wasn't popping out hence the pink ribbons.
Do you like this hairstyle? Would you wear it?
I completed my hairstyle by wearing a gray Hanes tee (altered by me to get the slouchy look), Forever21 headband wore as a belt, Forever21 leggings and earrings.
Finally I made a tutorial for this hairstyle. Please checkout the  YouTube video below for step by step instructions.
Thank you so much for reading. Hope you did enjoy the post. Please remember to leave your comments below and subscribe to get trendy hairstyles and useful hair care tips. Until tomorrow....... stay fab and be creative.

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