Curly Mohawk with a sweeping Bang

As I mentioned on Friday, today I would be showing you the hairstyle I wore over the weekend. This is the hairstyle.

There are about 4 hair techniques to complete the hairstyle. The main technique is a mohawk with curls, flat twist and a bang. I always wanted to do this style but usually don't have the time. The hairstyle that I had in mind was a little different as the front portion of my hair is too long to do the style. Instead, of having the hair fall to the front, I created a bang.
 Some of my curls were straight as they did not get to dry fully as I was chatting on the phone with my mom and dad. Anyhow, the hairstyle turned out ok despite the fact that it was not what I had in mind.
I completed my hairstyle by wearing a teal bodycon skirt from forever21, mustard tank from Armarni Exchange, red jacket from H&M, gold wedges from BCBG, necklace, ring  and earring from Forever21, watch from Gucci and bag from Christian Dior. 

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