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Thursday, July 28, 2011

ThE fLoWeRiNg OnE: Requested Wedding Hairstyle

I forgot that it's wedding season. Today, I'll be doing another hairstyle that could be worn to a wedding. I got the request but did not get that many details. The only thing is a very simple but classy updo. I choose to do the updo below but instead of I bun, I fan the hair out to create a full look.
 I completed my look by wearing a yellow H&M tank and flower, Gap skirt, Forever21 necklaces and earrings and Louis Vuitton clutch.
Yeah!!! Finally I made a video for this hairstyle. Please see the video below and thumbs up if you like, rate and subscribe to my YouTube channel.
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Until next tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.


  1. This is TOOO cute!! You should be arrested for being so adorable.

  2. That 'do' is gorgeous! And you wear it well.

  3. Thank you Shani Vee.I'm purple (Blushing)

  4. Very nice and elegant look. I would love to see a full tutorial on how you created it.

  5. Thank you tmice826. Will be making that tutorial soon so stay tuned to my youTube channel pecadora99.


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