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Monday, July 25, 2011

SeXy WoRkEr WoMaN

Happy Monday Barbies and Kens. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was a little busy yet relaxing. As I mentioned on Friday, there was a Charity event for the victims of the Tohoku earthquake in Japan which I attended. It was a great event.
I have had this shorts jump suit for about 6 years and have never wore it (think I'm gonna transform it into a shorts would be more practical). I bought it some years ago when I went to visit my friend in Boston. Over the weekend I decided to wear it to the supermarket a few meters from mi casa. It was the inspiration for my hairstyle. The hairstyle is rugged with an edge of sexiness. The hairstyle is a combination of a few hairstyling techniques. It is similar to one of the hairstyles I wore while on Christmas vacation in Las Vegas. The difference is this hairstyle have a series of flat twists at the sides. Originally, I wanted to wear my hair down but because it was a tad hot, I decided to wear it up.
There are flat twists,
a hump, rolls and a ponytail.
To complete my sexy worker woman look, I wore a shorts jump suit and lace tube from Forever21 and Coach high tops and sling bag.
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Until tomorrow............
Stay fab and be creative.


  1. All I need is a helmet/hard hat.

  2. fabulous!!


  3. that hairstyle is the truth! I wish my locs were a little smaller so I can do cute styles like this. And the outfit went perfectly. Nice!

  4. Very nice up do and perfect for hot weather .

  5. @ Coily Mystic thank you girl.

  6. @ Marie thank you girl. You can still do style with your hair hon.

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