Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Cycle

 Happy Friday Barbies and Kens. You know I am excited because it's the freaking weekend. What will you do this weekend guys? I will stay home and organize my closet. Fun times, yeah.
Today, I have decided to create a hairstyle that would utilize my curls and was very simple. I opted for this side sweep hairstyle with 2 large flat twists and a mini bang to take some of the hair out of my face.
I think this hairstyle is great for summer and can also be transitioned from a day to an evening look. What do you think of the hairstyle? How and what would you wear it with?
 To complete my hairstyle, I wore an orange cycle shorts from Forever21. I know, they are back and I am loving them. They are perfect for the summer you can wear them casual or jazz them up. How would you style a pair of cycle shorts?
I also wore a grey silk button down shirt from the Gap, blue sandals from Zara, multi-colored earrings from Forever21, belts from Steve Madden and H&M, Burberry bag and Forever21 bangle.
This is how I completed my hairstyle and styled my pair of cycle shorts. Below is the video for the hairstyle.

Have a great weekend and until Monday.......
stay fab and be creative.


  1. Very chic and simple style. Have you done a video on creating the DoWrap look and the after effects yet? If so, where can I find it?

  2. Thank you. I have not done a video for the Dowrap as yet. Will do very soon. Stay tune to my youTube channel


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