Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Question of the Day

Which is best, palm rolling, twisting or interlocking?

Let me start by first stating what each of these hair tightening techniques are:

Palm roll is rolling of the hair inbetween the palms of your hand in one direction to help even out your locks while at the same time tightening your roots.

Twisting is a hair grooming process using your thumb and index finger to tighten the new growths.

Interlocking is a tightening process where a needle is used to tighten the hair from the root.

These processes are all good but they differ not only in technique but also in the length of time that they will last.
The most lasting of the 3 is interlocking. Interlocking can last for upto 2 months or more depending on how you care for your hair. The only drawbacks to this process are that if you do it too much it may cause your hair to get thin and break. Usually it is recommended that you do it every 6 weeks but I will say either analyse your hair or talk to your locktician to see how often this service is required. Also, if not done properly it can leave bumps in your locks. Make sure you go to a loctitian who is knowledgeable about this process. If you find that your hair takes a long time to lock then this is a useful locking method.

FYI: You may also interlock your hair using your fingers only. I think I'll try to do a YouTube video for this real soon. 

Twisting and Palm rolling are the most common lock tightening technique. Twisting and Palm roll last about the same duration of time. The difference between these 2 is the technique. They may last upto 2 weeks depending on how you care your hair. You can do either of these processes once or twice a month.
Palm roll helps your locks to grow smooth so I recommend if you do twisting as your method of tightening to your roots, palm roll the ends to get the new growths smooth on your fully formed lock.

What hair tightening method do you use? Do you find it effective?

Have questions, queries or just want to put in your 2 cents? Please leave them below. Thank you for reading. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.


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  2. I use all three methods. I interlock with my fingers and I do it probably every two months as you mentioned. Or I just feel around my locks and those with a good bit of growth I give them a fast pull through. When styling my hair especially if I'm doing flat twists or something of that sort I find that I twist them before styling. Palm rolling I do when retwisting my locks or greasing my scalp or so. Just to run some of the hair product all the way through. My locks aren't as well manicured as yours. I was trying to let be free forming (I started with them being fairly manicured), but that isn't really working for me so I'm somewhere in the middle.

  3. @ Shani Vee I do too but I mostly do twisting and palm rolling. I don't like the free forming locks because my hair is soft they tend to lock together easily.


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