Monday, October 17, 2011

cRiNkLe OuT uPdO wItH a BaNg

 Happy Monday Barbies and Kens. I hope your weekend was great. I am feeling really great because I achieved a hairstyle that I have been going at for some time now. I always see people with their natural loose hair with this style and wanted to translate it to my locks. I have never had my hair in it's loose natural state except for when I was a child so I could not try the hairstyle. It's an up do with untwists twists making a bang at the front. Seeing that my hair is locked, I plaited my hair then took them apart and that will work as my twist out.

 Is this a hairstyle that you've been wanting to do with your locks? I have created a video to give you step by step instructions on how to achieve the look. I'll edit and upload it soon so, keep an eye out on the blog as well as my YouTube  channel.

Here's my Halloween nail of the moment. Just finish doing them so I will upload more pictures on my facebook page. What's your Halloween nail design? If you have any interesting designs please feel free to send me a picture at 
 Also, Fashion Week starts today here in Japan. I'll be going to show on Thursday. I wanted to see more but I have to work. I'll have pictures from the event as well so checkout my blog or facebook page.

I completed my hairstyle by wearing a CUT OFF Denim and long sleeve tee from the GAP,  Steve Madden boots, BGBG vest, forever21 studded bag and earrings and necklace from Macy's.

Thank you for reading. Please remember to subscribe to get trendy hairstyle and useful hair care tips. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.

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