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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to get rid of lint out of your Locks

 As I make this post, I am washing and deep conditioning my hair. As I was examining my locks before washing it , I realized that a few of my locks at the back to the side have a build up of lint where the new growth meets the fully formed locks. I am sure that at some point in our lock journey we experience this unpleasant debris in our hair. You may be wondering how you can get rid of it. Well, you can use lint free towel and bedding but even with that done it's difficult to totally get rid of them. Lint can come from your clothes as well especially our winter apparel and accessories. I would suggest examining your locks carefully before washing it.

I know you may be wondering what you can do to get rid of the lint. ACV will remove the lint build up but it will take more than one treatment to get rid of it. However BENTONITE CLAY works like magic.

What is bentonite clay?
 It's a clay that have antibacterial properties that draws toxins from your body, skin or hair. So when you wash your hair with the clay, it removes lint, dirt, and hair product build up and other unwanted debris in your hair. You can also use this on your face as a mask by just adding water to it.
Read more on bentonite clay here.

Where can I buy it?
You may purchase the clay from your organic stores or online.
I purchased mine from Blackonyxworld.com.
Below are a few more places you may purchase your clay.
  • The Vitamin Shoppe
  • Newegg.com
  • Amazon.com
1) Slowly add hot water to the clay and mix until you achieve a batter-like consistency. It is a little difficult to dissolve and tend to be lumpy. If this happens add a little more water to the mixture.

2) Let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes to allow the lumps to dissolve.
Make sure you stir the mixture after the 5 minutes have elasped. You want to make sure that the mixture is properly combined.

3) Apply the bentonite clay to your hair. You may apply it to either your wet or dry hair.

4) Leave the mixture in your hair for about 20 to 30 minutes. During this time the clay will perform it magic duties of removing the lint, dirt and build up from your hair.

5) Rinse your locks very well with warm water making sure that no clay residue is left in your hair.

6) Shampooing is optional. Condition your locks as normal and re-tighten your roots if that's a part of your grooming process.

NB: This can also be done to natural hair in it loose form.

Hope this was helpful. I will try to do a YouTube video on how to achieve the clay mixture and the application to your hair. If you have any questions, queries, concerns or comments please leave them in the comments box below or email me at synethiae@gmail.com.

Look out tomorrow for a tutorial and pictures from a protective hairstyle that I wore in the past and you guys have been requesting a video on how to do it. Smile smile, I am working on it right now. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.

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  1. Comment via facebook
    Pernais Ism The bentonite clay post worked wonders! I used rhassoul clay instead of bentonite because that's what I had. But the results were great. My hair is shinier and more moisturised than the last time I used bentonite clay. Thanks again!
    45 minutes ago


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