Friday, October 21, 2011

Inspirational Photo of the Day

Happy Friday Barbies and Kens. I love me some Friday. What will you be doing this weekend? I will be doing what I do best, styling hair and creating some edgy and trendy hairstyles. Speaking of hairstyles, I am edging to try this with my locks. I am not sure what the back look like but I will make this style my own.
What are your thoughts on the styling for the back? Please remember to leave your comments in the box below.

Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend guys and until Monday, stay fab and be creative.


  1. The back just looks like an attached braided bun piece. I guess you could create a braided lock bun in the back. I would how the front would like if it was a braided side bang instead of a twisted side bang like it's shown in the picture. I look forward to seeing pics of your version and a tutorial if possible.

  2. Thank your detailed response.I have done a spring look that was similar to his one. I already tried it and have a version in mind. I am trying to put it in a tutorial as well.

  3. *Thank you for your detailed response.

  4. I just realized my typos after reading your response. I meant I wonder how the front would look if it was a braided side bang instead of a twisted side bang.


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