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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Question of the Day: Hairline Thinning

 Wow!! It's Wednesday already? I have been having a rocky week but can count on you guys to make it better. Blogging, taking pictures, sharing my knowledge, making videos  and answering your questions set my mind at ease. This leads me to one of the favorite part of my week and that is the Question of the Day segment on my blog.
This a question that I get asked a lot. How do I prevent my edges from thinning? Or how do I make the hair around my edges get thick after they have thinned out?

There are numerous factors that can contribute to your edges thinning. Before solving the problem, you need to know the cause. Here are few of the most common reasons your hair line will go thin:

1) putting your hair in a tight ponytail or bun. When your hair is too tight, it pulls on your hair line and removes the hair follicles which in turn causes your hair to fall out hence the thinning look. I recommend doing protective twists or pin up instead of ponytails or buns.

2) braiding or plaiting your your hair too tight. When you do these hairstyles make sure that it is not too tight. As I mentioned above, if you are looking for a protective hairstyle, do twists over plaiting or braiding.You may also do loose pin ups which can also be stylish  depending on how you do it.

3) stressing over whatever. Stressing about a situation, someone or whatever doesn't help. The repercussions can be quite devastating.

4) lacking proper nutrition. Nutrition plays a very important role in the growth of our hair whether we want to believe it or not. Lacking iron and vitamin E may cause your hair to fallout. If you can't eat foods rich in iron or vitamin E, then by all means try to take supplements. I do not like taking supplements, so I try to eat as healthy as possible.  To get more information on the foods that promote hair growth and those to prevent hair thinning, check out the following post.

What I do when my hairline is thinning
1) Use Jamaican Castor oil, tea tree, peppermint, rosemary oils. Massage these into the area to increase the blood circulation. Increase blood circulation will lead to an increase in  hair growth.

2) Use  Groganics. You can purchase it here. Whenever my edges are thinning from doing too many hairstyles and videos, this is my quick hair fix or my edges along with my Castor oil. This is a growth formula that promotes growth, increase blood circulation. Penetrate follicles and strengthen roots.

When you edges are thinning what co you do to bring them back? Please leave your comments in the box below.

Thank you for reading. Please remember if you have any questions, you may email me at synethiae@gmail.com
Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.


  1. Hey Synethia, Do you know what is the name of the Groganics product you use? I want to try to buy it on amazon.com

  2. Here's a link to the product on Amazon

  3. where do u buy ur jamaican black castor oil?

  4. I buy it online at sams247.com. Here is the link to the one I use

  5. how do you use groganics & jbco at the same time? do you put them both on your edges at the same time & for how often? Do you apply groganics just on your edges or throughout your entire head?

  6. I used the Groganics on the roots and the JBCO on th ends. Sometimes, I use the Groganics alone as well as the JBCO and I use it both on my roots and ends.

  7. Hair Extra is exactly as the name says, it is an excellent solution for the hair problem as Hair thinning, fuller hair, Hair loss, Hair loss conceal, Thicker hair . adding more hair to your head naturally and effortlessly, it is a superlative hair loss products. perfect Solution For Balding.

  8. Hi! I just started using the groganics gro-n--wild. my hair is thinning and breaking only in one spot, the hair texture and everything is different in that area. How often should I apply the product? is once a day too much?

  9. Hi! I just started using the groganics gro-n--wild. my hair is thinning and breaking only in one spot, the hair texture and everything is different in that area. How often should I apply the product? is once a day too much?

  10. I use Groganics Gro-n-Wild every night because I wash and go daily and it has made my hair healthy and thick. I have been using it for about 2 months



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