Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas is in the Hair

Happy Monday Barbies and Kens. Hope you all had a great weekend. My vacation starts in T minus 9 and I am so looking forward to the break and being on the beach even though I am not a beach person.  What's your plan for the holidays? Remember that it is the season for giving so be thoughtful in every way possible.

Today's hairstyle will be styling of my protective wrap. Last week I wore my hair in coils and absolutely loved it. I went to a Christmas Party on the weekend and wanted to sport my coils with my outfit. Here goes the look hope you enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts.
I wore a feather in my hair to add some more mystery to the hairstyle.
 To Bring the look together, I went for an outfit with a necktie. You guys know I love ties whether it be bow or long.  My outfit was Christmas inspired as you may notice.
I wore a green sweater from Zara, tie and die leggings, white button and feathers from Forever21, H&M pumps, Louis Vuitton clutch, Mango pewter silver large stone ring, ANAP button earrings, necktie from Merona, Tutuana leg warmer.

I also wore a red wool blazer. This kept me warm while bringing the entire outfit together.
I kept my makeup very simple and added the color to my lips. See the outfit and makeup in more details here

My 1 year anniversary giveaway will be closing tomorrow so remember the only way you can win is to be a Jungle Barbie friend. Thank you for reading. Do remember to subscribe for trendy hairstyles and useful hair care tips. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.


  1. Love these coils so much I'm tearing up! LOL. I wonder how long I have to wait before I can do them, do I need to be fully loc'd?

  2. I know. I don't think you need to. You can combine your locks maybe in twists and then do it. The next time I can try and see the outcome.

  3. i absolutely love your blog i don't know why it took me soo long to comment.. I'm one of those lurkers..

  4. Thank you. Now you find it so you know so don't be a stranger.


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