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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lock Salon Review: Luv Mi Kinks

Hey Barbies and Kens, while on vacation, I went and got my hair professionally interlocked. You guys know that I am very passionate about my hair and I rarely get it professionally done because I am very paticular and hard to please. Anyhoo, I had a lot of new growth and wanted to have my hair interlocked. If I was to do it, it would probably take 2 days or more, that how much new growth I had. I was searching for a loctician in the LA area and found Luv Mi Kinks. I was pretty nervous but when I saw the work Safiyyah was doing on a client I was relieved.

Location and Contact information
Luv Mi Kinks
3450 West 43rd Street Suite 103 (Between 43rd and Crenshaw)

I was very pleased with the work she did on my locks, from washing to pruning. If you are ever in the LA area and want to get your locks hooked up, I would definitely recommend giving Safiyyah a call. There is also another male loctician (Fabio) who works in the same building. Tomorrow, I will have pictures and a tutorial of my hair after I got it interlocked. Sorry for the lack of fancy styling my hair took about 5 hours and my scalp was a little tender. WOW!!!!! so imagine if I did it myself.

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