Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to accessorize Updo 4 Less

Happy Wednesday Barbies and Kens!!!! Today's post is a request from a few of my Barbie friends as well as YouTube subscribers. The question was asked, " how can I jazz up my updos for less?" There are many ways you can do this;
1) Think outside the box. Not because an item is not for hair don't mean you can't use it for that purpose. If you have a cute belt or necklace, try to find creative ways to wear it as a hair accessory. Here I am wearing a statement necklace as an hair accessory.
2) Scout the sale section when you go to stores. Even if you are not looking for hair accessories doesn't mean you can't buy them when you see them. I usually buy most of my accessories when stores are selling them for 100 yen or so. These are few accessories I picked up in H&M. All were 100 yen.
3) Use very colorful and dramatic pieces. You can use feathers or mesh. There are countless ways you can make these pop. Above I used my mesh accessory to give a hat effect. The feathers here I like to wear because it is colorful and can be worn with lots of different outfits and spice up any updo.
 Hope this helped. If you have any questions or requests please leave them in the comment box below or send me an email at Thank you for reading. Please remember to be a Barbie friend to get trendy hairstyle and useful hair care tips. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.


  1. Gurl, I'm loving the post. Money saving tips alongside fashion. Keep up the fabulous blogging. Alex from London

    1. Thank you Alex. I love to save especially on clothes, accessories and beauty products.

  2. love the hair accessories,i gotta get some small flowers!

    1. Thank you. You will not regret them. You have so many ways to wear them.


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