Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Question of the Day: What's the 411 of Lock?

 Got these questions from one of my YouTube subscriber. Thought they would be useful and would help my future lock friends. Thank you for the questions.

 1. I'm not sure which type of Locs to get I really want uniformed and very neat Locs, and i have length to my natural hair already (it touches the top of my shoulders) which kind to you recommend i get and the thickness do you recommend?? I really like the look of comb coils but is that for people with short hair?
The size is totally up to your preference. I prefer smaller locks because I think they are more versatile to style as well as the look fuller when I style my hair as they are so many. I also like that they look very neat even when they need grooming. You have to be careful thought as smaller locks requires more attention.
I would recommend starting your locks by interlocking. Interlocking is the process where a latching tool is used to basically crochet the hair. It will last longer even when you wash your hair and speed up the locking time.

2. What products do you use?
 I usually use either of these shampoos and conditioner on my hair;
  • Dr Boner's Tea Tree Shampoo
  •  Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo
  • Shea Moisture Black Oil Shampoo
  • Macadamia Natural Oil Deep repair Masque
  • Shea Moisture Deep Repair Masque.
For moisture, I usually use natural oils like coconut, rosemary, Castor, Tea Tree, jojoba, shea butter. I usually mix a few of them together and apply from the root to the ends.

3.When does the so called "Ugly Stage" occur?
The "Ugly phase" is just the baby stage of your locks when you hair look frizzy aka messy. This is because your locks have not formed as yet. To combat or reduce this appearance you can retwist your hair a little more often even if you do not wash your hair.

4.What do i need to do at night to keep them neat and not looking fuzzy?

At nights I would recommend using a silk wrap or scarf. This will help to keep your hair neat as well as retain moisture while you sleep. For added protection just in case your head tie disappear in the night, you can use a silk pillow case as well.

5. Last question, say if i ever want to take them out, how long will it take for locks to grow out, or would I have to cut my whole hair off.

Prefer watching? Here's the video on YouTube:
If you change your mind while you have locks, no need to worry you can take them out without cutting your hair. All you have to do is to have the lock you are undoing moisturized and use a pointed object whether it be a pin or a ice prick to comb the lock out. You will loose some of your hair. If you don't want the big chop and don't mind loosing a few hair clumps, then I think this is a great method.

Hope I did not deter you from getting locks but made your decision a little clearer. These were very useful questions and I don't think I have covered them on my channel and will definitely be doing so. Good luck on your decision and if you are not sure please send me your questions and I will answer them as best as I possible can.

One Love,


  1. Hey girl. It's D from and

    I am in the middle of editing a video on Braidlocs. It's pretty much Bradlocs 101 - Everything you need to know to start them. It should be up in a few hours.

    I hope you check out the vid. It may answer some questions that your subscribers have too in relation to this type of locking.

    1. D, can you please put it as a video response below the video I have on my channel? Thanks for the informaion.


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