Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lock 101 Series #2: Lock Grooming Essentials

Today, will be number 2 in the Lock 101 Series. It will be on the essentials needed to groom your locks.

1) Shampoo and conditioner: of course we need to start with cleansed and moisturized hair.

2) Oils/ moisturizing cream of your choice: oils are very light and will not create too much build on the hair. If you don't mind having product on your hair then, a moisturizing cream is your best bet. Know your hair so that you can better decide.

3) Energetic Fingers or interlocking tool: you will need your fingers to define the hair sections as well as retighten the locks and the locking tool to interlock the roots.

4) Hair Gel: this will help to  blend the new growth to the fully formed locks. The one I recommend is the Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel.

5) Hair tie or rubber bands: these will be necessary to hold the portion of hair that you are not working with.

6) Head tie or scarf: when you are finished you will need to protect and maintain moisture so this is where the head tie and scarf comes in.

7) Very interesting movie: to be entertained during the long boring and tiring process.

After all this you will have beautiful well groomed hair. Next week, I'll do a follow up post on how to care your hair during the in between stages before the next wash.

Hope this was helpful. Please remember that my online store is open with some very trendy and unique pieces. You can check them out here. Thank you for reading. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.

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