Friday, April 27, 2012

Bad Hair day hairstyle inspired by Twiggy from the 60's

I must say TGIF!!!! It has been a long and tiring week especially because I was under the weather. I am so looking forward to my extended weekend. I will not make any plans but just do because everytime I plan something happens. How will you be spending your weekend?
As you can see from the title, I am still going through my bad hair day phase. I can't wait to wash my hair and tighten my roots especially my edges. Anyhoo, I made use of these scarfs that I purchased from Claire's for a 100 yen a piece.
I was inspired by one of Twiggy's hairstyle. She had a sweeping bang and a side braid.
Seeing that my edges is in need of some attention, I thought this hairstyle would be perfect for me. All I did was incorporate a scarf with a bow at the front.
How do you turn your bad hair day around?
Thank you for reading. Until Monday, stay fab and be creative.



  1. Very cute. I'm not very creative in camouflaging my bad hair days, but I will use some of your tips. Thanks Syn!!

    1. Thank you. Hope the tips were helpful


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