Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CrAyAnAdO: A gUsT oF cOlOrS

Hey Barbies and Kens, hope you are doing great. Today, I had to dig in my color wheel for inspiration and upliftment. The weather outside is very angry and I am trying my best to emit some happy energy through my hair, nails, outfit and makeup. Hopefully it is enough to dissipate the gusty winds as a result of a low pressure system hoovering over Japan. Oh the power of fashion!!!!!
 I have decided that I would play with one of the very few hairstyles my mother could do when I was a child. Here I have my hair in 3 ponytails, starting with a bigger one to a smaller one. After that I intertwined them from the back to the front. I will try to record a tutorial for this hairstyle. It's very easy to recreate. Here are a few pictures showcasing the hairstyle.
To complete my outfit I wore a knee length bodycon dress and multi-colored earrings from Forever21,  very feminine necklace from my online store, vintage kimono clutch, GAP wedges and Mango cuff.
 Thank you for reading. Remember to become a Barbie friend to get trendy hairstyles and useful hair care tips.
Want to achieve this hairstyle with your own hair?  See step by step instructions from the video above.
Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.


  1. Fab! I'm a new Barbie btw :) i discovered your blog through your YouTube channel. Much love from Barbados!

    1. Welcome to my blog CJ and thank you for the support to my YouTube channel. Thank ou for the love all the way from Barbados.


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