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Monday, July 30, 2012

Rock It To Me

Happy Monday Barbies and Kens!!!! Hope you had a great weekend and kept warm. Today's hairstyle was inspired by the Topshop ear cuffs that I am wearing.
All I did was a hump at the front and then put my hair in a ponytail. It was very quick and easy. I will be doing a tutorial for it so stay tuned. Also, checkout my Youtubechannel because I have quite a few quick and easy lock styles.
 I wanted a look that would complement the ear cuffs so, I wore these Levis cut offs with a studded GAP skinny belt. I paired the cut offs with a H & M tee,
Coach high tops,
topshop ring, Forever21 bag and bracelet from my online store.
I layered 2 necklaces from Topshop and Bershka.
This is how the whole outfit came together.
Thank you for reading. Remember to become a Barbie friend if you would like to get trendy hairstyles, useful hair care tips, fashion ideas and health tips.
Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.


  1. hey girl i like this hairstyle...... can you please do a loc tutorial so that i can see how you did the front? also i saw in past video of yours where you clipped the fuzz in your hair... we call it defuzz in jamaica. but from what i have heard and observed when you defuzz your locs it makes it thinner and may even make them break. i did it twice and my locs have gotten thinner plus my locs are very long now (about two inches above my butt)and its even thinner.. what is your experience or opinion on this???

    1. Hello Tammyllew, thank you for the question and compliment. I will be uploading the tutorial for the hairstyle soon. I have had no problems when I do it. I do not do it that often. I think you should access your locks and see the speed at which your hair lock and how much should be taken off. Maybe the clipped off too much from your hair. If you do it often it will make your locks thin as what you are taking off is the unlocked new growth.

    2. ok girl.. i didnt do it often i have had my locks for 10 years now and i only did it twice in these ten years... and thanks a mil for the info you sent on pruning locs.. it was very informative.. i always do your hairstyles.. although most times i have to make adjustments because my hair is too long... hope to show you pics of my hair soon

    3. You are welcome. Anytime hon. I would like to see how you tweak the styles. Can't wait to see the pics.

  2. I rocked a style similar to this a few weeks ago. It was a total hit

  3. Those earrings are soo cute I have to get them. The cuffs are attached as one piece? Top shop right?

    1. Thank you Sweetie . Yes it one piece very nice and unique. Yup got these lovies at Topshop.


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