Friday, August 3, 2012

On a Fashion Note: Annette Shapewears

I want your abs, I want your legs, I want your body. These are the most popular comments I get from my readers and or viewers when I wear tight / form fitted clothes. 

Recently, I was discussing with one of my viewers, telling her that even though I have a flat stomach, when I wear form fitted clothes and I go out to eat I'm a little paranoid that I will have a pouch in front of me when I'm finished stuffing my face. I was looking for something that would control this and came across Annette. They are an online store that sells shape wear, body suits, shapewear slips, camisoles, bras, bandeau and panties.  The sizes ranges from petite to plus sizes as well as bodysuits for men. These are considered as foundation garments because they temporarily accentuates the shape of your body. You may read up more about foundation garments here.

She has  a bit if extra weight and asked for my recommendation to combat bloating at that time of the month as well as to control the little bulge that she has. I recommended Annette. She was in doubt but decided to try one of their shapewear under a body con dress for her date night with her hubby. She was so amazed by the way the dress fitted and the compliments she got, that she asked me to make a post with the links to help other females with the same problems. So, if you have a little bulge, think you will get one or suffers from bloating and want to wear your form fitted clothes, then checkout Annette. No matter your size or style they will have a shapewear to suit you.

Thank you for reading. Until Monday, stay fab and be creative.


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