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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pipe Cleaner Curls & Neon

Happy Monday Barbies and Kens. Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was okay. I spend most of it travelling. If you follow me on twitter or Facebook you would know that I am on vacation for a week. I am super excited and so far so GREAT.
Late Friday night early Saturday morning, I washed my hair and did the pipe cleaner curls. I love the look and the versatility. I wore my hair out with the cleaners. I like that I could make them look very short by just twisting the pipe cleaners. What I did not like was the lint the colored ones left on my hair. One of my Instagram Lovies suggested using the end papers. Will be trying that method as well as I need to hunt down the all black ones or a better alternative. Here are a few pictures of the hairstyle.
Went running some errands before my trip and it was super hot so I decided to wear this outfit.
I like these shorts from Forever21 because of the sailor inspired design as well as the colors. I am not too keen on the length but it is what it is.
I complemented the neon in the shorts by wearing this neon yellow top from H&M. I love the combination. Even though the yellow is bright it is not that overpowering.
I accessorized my outfit with these H&M silver hoops and bracelet, Citizen watch, Topshop necklace and Jungle Barbie bracelet.
I was indecisive as to what bag I should take because these days I am loving clutches with my outfits. I ended up taking my large GAP tote.
I knew I was going to do a bit of walking as well as hauling items I purchased so, I wore these GAP flat slingbacks. They are very comfy.
This is the entire outfit. When you do your pipe cleaner curls, do you wear them outside? Do you do experience lints from the pipe cleaners?
  Thank you for reading. Remember to become a Barbie friend if you would like to get trendy hairstyles, useful haircare tips, fashion ideas and health tips. Until tomorrow, stay fab and be creative.


  1. Your hair looks really pretty. Yes I put pipecleaner's in my locs twice and I only wore them outside once. Also I used the black ones and still had lint.

    1. Thank you Dear. Really? So I need to find an alternative.

  2. Pecadora, this is so cute on you! Luv how bold you were with the neon color pipe cleaners, that's definitely thinking outside the box. Also, the outfit is super cute,luv the shorts, I like I like!!!

    1. Thank you MizT. I like to create my own style and I am not shy to do it.

  3. I love pipe cleaner curls they are so versatile. I have only used black but I get lint too. I have a hair dryer so I don't have to go out with them, but when I do I curl and bend them like you did.

    1. I like them too. I do not like going under dryers so I let mine air dry. I like to style them as well so i have no problem going out with them.


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